Bleeding Hearts Wax Melts

    Know About Our Product

    Beneath their smooth, heart-shaped surface, these wax melts hold a blood red secret. Our wax melts bleed as they melt, and you'll find yourself captivated by the process.  Crimson embeds are hidden inside the cream colored hearts, and only reveal themselves when things get a little heated. Talk about a cheeky V-Day gift or the perfect addition to an ANTI- VDay celebration.  Our Bleeding Hearts are a limited edition, so once they sell out - they're gone.  Place your order today!


    Wax: Ecosoyo PB Wax
    Type: Wax Melts

    Quantity: 4 wax melts per box



    Requires a Wax Melter

    Never leave candles or wax melts unattended. Heat your melts in a safe place. Ensure your melter has a deep dish to limit spills and runs.