Hot Chocolate Candle

    Know About Our Product

    A deliciously realistic hot chocolate, soy wax candle with chocolate, whipped cream and chocolate candy accents.  Our candles are richly scented and hand poured into large glass mugs.

    The chocolate pieces are also hand made with soy wax.  Candy sprinkles are scattered on top. No two candles look the same as each one is made for you.

    Make your home or office smell oh-so yummy! They truly look and smell good enough to drink.  The whipped cream and chocolate candy look good enough to eat, while the rich chocolate aroma is a chocolate lover's dream.  This candle makes the ultimate holiday gift, so share it with the one you love...or like.

  • Hand-poured soy wax with candy sprinkles on top
  • Reusable, sturdy glass mug 
  • Scents vary: resembles hot chocolate and cream
  • Candy pieces: the number of pieces may vary by candle (2 or 4)
  • Double wick
  • Burn time varies: over 35 hours
  • Made in Georgia, USA

  • All of our candles are individually made and hand poured, so they may vary in look and scent. 

    Place your candle on a saucer or candle plate before lighting as wax may drip from the sides due to the elevated design. 

    Never leave a lit burning candle unattended.